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Santa Barbara Tile, Marble & Stone Cleaning is your neighborhood tile cleaning, grout cleaning, marble polishing, and stone cleaning, honing, and polishing company. Our technicians are experts at cleaning any type of hard surface or floor - tile and grout, onyx, granite, marble, saltillo, limestone, soapstone, sandstone, natural stone, ceasarstone, silestone, quartzite, brick, pavers, vinyl, concrete, linoleum, corian and much more. We can clean, wax, seal, finish, hone, polish, stain, color enhance, and protect your interior floors and surfaces.

Cleaning, honing, polshing, and sealing stone floors and surfaces on your own never delivers the results you are looking for. It just can't restore the wear, scratches and dull marks from acidic foods, drinks and products. Our cleaning and polishing method will restore the stone to the manufacturers shine or better! You can even choose the level of shine: dull or matte, satin, pre-polish, polish, and high-gloss.

Counter-tops in the bathroom and kitchen are used on a daily basis and become worn. Also, cleaning products may work well but they remove the sealant from the stone and leave it open to staining. For mable, limestone and other stone, natural 'wear and tear' like scratches and etching from products containing acid cause dull marks ruining the stone's shine. Even granite which is a strong stone with acid resistance can be stained from oil and even can deteriorate with exposure to moisture. We clean, hone, polish and seal all types of tile, stone and hard surface counter-tops including ceramic or porcelain tile and grout, granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, ceasarstone, silestone, quartzite, onyx, corian and more. Our cleaning method will restore grout lines and remove contaminants from stone. Our polishing method will remove scratches and bring back a uniform finish to any dull counter-top. Finally, our sealant soaks into the grout or stone and protects it from oil, water and staining agents such as wine. This is not a coating that will peel over time but an impregnating sealer that protects from the inside. Renew and protect your investment.

Showers are constantly exposed to water and left damp for extended periods of time leaving them prone to mold and mildew problems. Soap residue and mineral deposits will build up as well with daily use. This can cause soiled grout and leave the stone or tile looking dull. You may have tried to clean tile and grout yourself but the tile still has water spots and looks hazy and the grout lines won't come clean. The glass door and metal frame has water spots and mineral deposit build-up like lime and calcium that just won't budge. You may have stone shower walls that no matter what you do will not shine like before. At Santa Barbara Tile & Stone Care we have solutions for all these cleaning, honing, polishing, and sealing problems. We use effective products and procedures harnessing the power of electric tools and mechanical abrasion along with the cleaning power of hot water or steam and water pressure. However, sometimes no matter what you do the grout remains stained. In these cases where mold or mildew has actually grown into the grout we can remove it and regrout with a matching color grout. Let us take care of these seemingly impossible tasks and stop the futile scrubbing.

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