Exterior Floor, Surface Cleaning, Polishing, Refinishing & Sealing

Exterior Floor

Exterior floors and surfaces require special attention as they are exposed to the elements - water and rain, uv rays, mineral deposits from watering potted plants, bird droppings and tree sap and berries to name a few.

It is imperative that outdoor tile and grout and stone patios, porches, counters and barbecue pits be cleaned and protected with a sealant. Not only will this bring back the beauty of you exterior floors and surfaces but it will make them easier to clean and keep them lasting longer.

It is not uncommon to see deteriorating tile and stone floors and surfaces that are a result of neglect. Don't allow this to happen to your tile and stone investment. Common exterior floors include slate, saltillo, concrete, travertine, limestone, and ceramic and porcelain tile. We can clean, seal, finish, hone, polish, stain, color enhance, and protect your outdoor floors and surfaces.

If you want a "wet" look a finish is recommended. We can also achieve a bit of a darker or color enhanced look. Or maybe you want to seal the floor without changing the look or texture.

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