Our Cleaning, Washing and Polishing Process

A Superior Cleaning Process

  • Step 1 Inspection

    Before starting the cleaning process we do a thorough inspection of the stone or tile. We communicate the results of the inspection to the customer and cover the details of the work such as the time it will take and the cleaning cost.

  • Step 2 Remove Loose Dirt
    Remove Loose Dirt

    The stone or tile is then vacuumed by hand to extract dirt, grit and soil. This is a vital step because dry soil and grit can cause tile to wear prematurely.

  • Step 3 Stability Test
    Stability Test

    The stability of tile is tested to confirm that it will not be worn in the soft wash.

  • Step 4 Stain Removal, Washing and Cleaning
    Stain Removal

    We use safe and compatible cleaning solutions to remove spots and stains.

  • Step 5 Sealing / Polishing
    Sealing and Polishing

    We use safe polishing techniques and then apply a sealing coat to restore shine and protect the integrity of the tile or natural stone. This also helps the tile or stone last for generations.